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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 25)

And Daniel went on, "Unfortunately, the safety measures were rather lax. It's an old museum. The exhibits are arranged in glass showcases, which are linked to an alarm system. That's all. The visitors were allowed to go very close. Nothing had ever happened before, you see."
"The best thing is," Nicky added, "that the robbery happened in the afternoon in plain view of dozens of visitors."

"You don't say. But how was it done?"

"In this particular museum there are rather small rooms with narrow passages in between. At the time of the robbery, there was a guided tour taking place. When the group entered the show room with the Luardi Pearls, which was already crammed with other visitors, an elderly lady suffered a heart attack. The guide and one of the guards, who were positioned at the entrance to every show room, took care of the patient. Of course, all the people in the room crowded around the scene. Then everything went very fast.

"Two ambulance drivers arrived with a stretcher, the alarm bell began to ring. The two ambulance drivers lifted the old lady on the stretcher. She started to cry out, 'My handbag!
Where is my handbag?' Somebody gave it to her and then she was carried away accompanied by a man who claimed to be a doctor and ordered the people to make room," Daniel described the events.

"Although the alarm was ringing, the guard of that room had mainly been occupied with the old lady. By the time another one had fought his way through the crowd, all he found was a broken, empty showcase and a host of flustered witnesses who hadn't noticed anything in particular.
(To be continued)