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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 21)

Towards noon it stopped raining. After they'd got dressed and dried their hair, they decided to have a sandwich at Granny's and ask her what there was to do in the afternoon.

While Daniel went to tell his parents where he was going, Chris and Nicky were waiting for him on the crest of the star-shaped castle wall. It was so broad that lawn had been sown and tables and benches put there.

A narrow trench separated the wall from the main building.

Finally, Daniel returned. "All well now, we can go."

Just then, the sound of high-heeled shoes on stone and somebody swearing angrily in Italian down in the trench made them hesitate.

"Not so loud, you fool!" a female voice whispered urgently. "Do you want the whole
town to hear you?"

"Ho saputo che non va riuscire! Le Luardi sono troppo caldi!" The voice of a man.

"Keep it down! Only three more days, maybe less, and the yacht will arrive."

The steps followed the trench towards the castle gate. Chris sprinted to the bell tower just above the gate. He managed to catch a glimpse of the couple as they left: Mr and Mrs Nuzzolo!
(To be continued)