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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 18)

Making a face, Daniel produced a mobile phone and answered it,
"Yeah... In front of the chemist's... No, I'm with two friends I've just made... I'm sorry Mum... Of course. I'll be back in two minutes."

"Wow! You've got a Handy," Chris said in admiration.

"A what?"

"My cousin uses strange words sometimes," Nicky explained. "He's not from here, you

She turned to Chris and explained in the most teacher-like tone she could muster, "What's obviously a Handy in Switzerland, is called a mobie by decent people."

"I think I got the message, my dear child", Chris answered, imitating the Major but quickly turning to check whether somebody was standing behind him.

"Hey, I'm glad to meet a Swiss," Daniel said. "I've always wanted to spend my holidays there."

"Anytime," Chris answered with a tiny bow.

"I've got to go now. My Mum will go berserk if I'm not back soon." Daniel patted the pocket in which he kept the mobile phone. "The advertisers are wrong. This is not the ultimate freedom, it's an extended lead. See you tomorrow."
(To be continued)