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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 14)

Daniel looked at him with a mixture of surprise and indignation. "Yesterday. Why?"
"You're blond. Fair-haired people don't usually get a suntan easily. Because your skin is rather dark, I think you spend a good part of your time out of doors."

"Well done Sherlock. But what if I told you that I've been to a tanning studio?"

"Then your skin would have a regular tan. There are lighter seams around the collar and sleeves of your T-shirt. Whatever you've told the two bullies, you're not the sissy they are taking you for."

"You've got me there," Daniel laughed. "I walk a lot and, actually, I do enjoy biking but I need a special bike."

"Strange. You don't look like a snob," Nicky said.

Daniel scratched his ear. "I'm not but... Well, I don't talk about it to everybody. But since you helped me and seem to be genuinely interested... Ok then… It's... er... well, I need a special bike because of my leg."

Chris and Nicky looked first at each other and then closely at Daniel. There seemed to be nothing wrong with either of his legs.

"I don't understand," Chris asked. "Have you just had an operation?"


Again Daniel scratched his ear. He seemed to be trying to find the right words. At last he went over to the bench and tapped his right leg twice against the wood. It sounded hard and hollow. Nicky and Chris both gave a start and looked at Daniel, aghast.

"It's a prosthesis," he explained. "An artificial limb."
(To be continued)