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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 13)

Nicky and Chris, on their way back from the golf course, came closer.
"Mind your own business," Freckles barked back. "Or are you his sister?"

"Just looks like him, needing protection from a girl!" his friend sneered.

"Look who's talking!" Chris said. "And what do you call two bigger guys who join in against a shorter one? Heroes?"

Freckles let go of his victim, not knowing where to look or what to say.

"Come on," his friend finally said. "Let them take care of the jerk. What do we have to do with the sissy anyway."

They went back to the street where their bikes lay and rode away. In the meantime Nicky had lifted up the book.

"Hidden Evidence - Forty True Crimes and How Forensic Science Helped to Solve Them," she read aloud.
"Wow, that sounds interesting. Isn't forensic science about dissecting crime victims to find out how they died?"

"Yes and no. It also entails methods of identification, analysis of poisons, chemicals, fibres and other specks of evidence found on a crime scene. And then there's ballistics that researches everything in connection with weapons and bullets."

"The way they show it on TV in CSI," Chris said.

"That was almost a lecture," Nicky smiled and, returning the book, she added, "I'm Nicky."

"I'm Daniel. Daniel Elgin," the boy said.

"What did you quarrel about?" Chris asked after he had told Daniel his name, too.

"Oh, rich sissy that I am, I preferred reading to going on a bike tour," Daniel shrugged, grinning.

"Well, your book seems thrilling," Nicky said. "But I usually spare my reading for rainy days and enjoy seeing something of the islands while the weather lasts."

"I'm not sporty."

"I don't' believe you!" Chris challenged him. "When did you arrive?"
(To be continued)