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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 9)

It virtually jumped at Nicky, who embraced the dog that greeted her with such fervent joy, cuddling and stroking its thick fur. Duke briefly turned to Chris, too, and licked his hands and face.

Nicky held the collie by the band and looked out for its master. And there they came over the golf course. Mrs Nuzzolo was wearing a light wool costume and Mr Nuzzolo an expensive golf attire that didn't look as if it was used very often.

"Don't you know that it's forbidden to let dogs off the lead on the golf course?" Nicky asked Mrs Nuzzolo after a cold hello.

"No, I didn't. Thank you for telling me," Barbie doll answered.

She fastened the lead she had been holding nonchalantly in her hand. Her husband was
standing by looking as black as thunder, mumbling under his breath. Then they entered the
clubhouse, taking the dog with them in spite of a notice that forbid it.

"Charming people," Chris said nodding his head.

"Yes. And really good with dogs."

Chris looked at her in surprise.

"Well," Nicky explained. "It took them only a few hours to teach Duke not to bite. Isn't that amazing!"

"I wonder why they didn't want us to touch it yesterday?"
(To be continued)