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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 8)

After the break, Nicky led Chris uphill. They had a breathtaking view of the town, harbour and garrison hill, which was crowned by a star-shaped castle.

The water in the bay was so clear that Chris had the impression the moored boats were
floating above the water surface. The only noises they could hear were the waves lapping on
the shore and the cries of seagulls. They sat in the grass and Nicky told Chris the names of the
other islands. She also told him about the Bishop Rock lighthouse just visible in the distance,
the graveyard of ships, and how gig racing derived from the races of the local piloting gigs to
the ships because the fastest got the job. In the bad old days surviving often depended on

"Sorry to interrupt your lecture, but are you sure you've only been here for two days? You know so much about the place."

Porthcressa Beach

"You'd be astonished what people do when they're bored."

"What? Did you chat up a sailor in a seedy inn?" Chris laughed.

Nicky gave him a reproachful stare. "I visited the library. Besides, my father has told me a lot about the islands."

"My mother hardly ever talks about England. If she does, it's usually about her time at University and in London."

"Pitty," Nicky said and got up. "Want to see where the rich people go?" she asked, changing the subject.

They came to the golf course and turned into a lane that passed the clubhouse. Suddenly, they heard loud barking from the course and saw Duke, Mrs Nuzzolo's collie, running straight towards them.
(To be continued)