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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 12)

"This jerk is probably spending his holiday pushing for some snobby boarding school."
"Could I have my book, please?" the blond boy asked, standing up and reaching for it.

"Take it if you can," the other teased.

He threw the book over the boy's head at Freckles, who said, "I bet he thinks we're not good enough for him."

When the boy came towards him to get the book, it was tossed back to his friend.

"Yeah, you never know with people who read such stuff."

Back flew the book again. After a few more tries to catch it, the boy gave up.

"This is too silly!
Why don't you go on your bike tour, before the afternoon is over, and let me read my book in peace!"

"Oouh! The gentleman is getting angry."

"Help me Mama, I'm scared!"

Both boys were taller than him. Still, the blond boy took two, three steps towards the one holding the book. Freckles stepped closer to his friend, who held the book in his outstretched hand, away from its owner.

"Say the magic word!" he chanted.


"If you beg, I might give it back," he said, brandishing his trophy.

"No really...!" the blond boy burst out, his face flushed with anger.

He tried to push in between his two opponents and reach the outstretched hand. Freckles grabbed him and held him back. With a dramatic gesture, the other one dropped the book.

"Oh, my!" he exclaimed. "All this precious knowledge lying in the dust!"

"Hey, you! Have you got a problem?" a girl's voice interrupted them.
(To be continued)