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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 11)

3.) Chris and I made a new friend. His name is Daniel. He's very nice but in a way different from us - and yet exactly the same. - I know this sounds silly.

A blond boy was sitting on the bench where Nicky and Chris had been eating their ice creams,
reading. It took some time before he noticed the two boys standing beside him.

"Hi," the taller one began. "Seems to be interesting."


"You're a holiday maker, aren't you?" The second boy asked. He was stockier than his friend and covered in freckles.

"Yeah. You too?"

They nodded.

"We're going on a bike tour. Want to join us?"

Coastal path to Old Town

"Thank you but I'm not very keen on biking."

"We're not going very far," the first one explained. "Only over to Old Town to perhaps have a swim in the sea."

"They sell very decent ice-cream there, too," Freckles added.

"Thanks again, but I'd rather stay here and read."

"What's wrong with you? Prefers reading to an adventure?"

"Listen, I don't meant to offend you. I'm just not very sporty. That's all," the blond boy said.

"Sissy!" Freckles snorted.

"What are you reading, anyway?" his friend asked and swiftly snapped the book away. He turned the volume over in his hands, thumbed it through and skimmed the writing on the back. "Forensic Science? What the heck is that supposed to mean?"

(To be continued)