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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 3)

Chris looked out of the helicopter portholes with unseeing eyes. A robbery in Penzance? That sounded much more interesting than what was expecting him.

It wasn't exactly that he hated the idea of a holiday in the Isles of Scilly. What really bored
him was the prospect of having to spend two weeks of his summer holidays with his
grandmother in a place where absolutely nothing ever happened. True, his Granny adored
him and was a whiz in the kitchen; but she was sixty-three! How interesting could holidays
with such an old woman possibly be?
After a twenty-minute flight, the helicopter landed in St. Mary's. Chris decided that he had
loved the experience despite the ear-shattering racket. One by one they crossed the airfield
and entered a door on which a board boasted 'baggage reclaim'. The small shed beyond had whitewashed walls, a corrugated iron roof, cement floor, and smelled of kerosene.
The conveyor belt worked erratically and the luggage was pushed in by hand through a
hole which was covered with a piece of thick plastic. Chris found it adventurous. Barbie,
however, looked aghast when she entered.
Two other people were already waiting there. One was a man in an expensive suit with short,
black hair and a tiny moustache. The other was a girl of Chris's age with a ponytail. She was
wearing jeans, a T-shirt and once lilac-coloured sneakers that looked grey with the dust of
many adventures.
The first suitcases came gliding in and the man in the suit pushed past Chris with such force
that Chris almost fell.

"Out of my way! These are my bags," he hissed in a strong southern accent.

"Hey!" Chris called out. "'Excuse me' is the correct expression I think."
The man took his bags, turned around and gave Chris a look as if he were dirt. To Chris's
astonishment, he then gave Barbie a nervous sign with his chin and left the shed.
"I'm very sorry, darling," Barbie doll said. "My husband is a little impatient, I'm afraid." And
with her dog on the lead and a spectacular wobble of her hips she followed him.

"Aren't you a little too young to gaze after women?"
Chris span around. There stood the girl, grinning at him.

(To be continued)