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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 2)

"It could be your belt," a female official said.

Barbie doll looked down at the broad gold chain she was wearing.

"Please, take it off and try again."

"Could you hold my dog?" 

"Of course."

Barbie handed her the lead and the belt. Then she walked through the detector and back. The
whistle remained silent.

"Thank you," said the female official handing her back belt and lead.

Barbie nodded with a wry smile and put her belt on.
The other official had finished his task and returned the key ring. Barbie sat down in a chair
beside Chris. She began stroking the dog and cooing silly phrases to it.

"What a silly way to speak to a pet," Chris thought.

As if she had been able to read his mind, Barbie suddenly asked him, "Are you really
travelling alone?"

"Incredible!" Chris shook his head inwardly. "She's talking to me as if I were a pet, too."
"Yes, madam," he answered politely.

"Oh, you poor thing!" she exclaimed. "Children shouldn't travel by themselves."

"I'm already twelve."

Chris was indignant. Why did some adults treat children as if they were morons? Life was
difficult enough without such patronising.

The helicopter was ready for boarding. Barbie was called first because of her collie. It was put
in a cage screwed to the floor in front of her seat. The elderly gentleman sat opposite Chris.
He still pretended to be reading his newspaper but Chris realised that he was much more
interested in Barbie. The well-trimmed moustache, just visible over the edge of the paper,
twitched at every movement of her elegant legs. With difficulty Chris concealed a broad grin.

Suddenly his eyes fell on the newspaper headlines.




(To be continued)