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The Adventure of the Venetian Pearls (part 1)

"The Adventure or the Venetian Pearls" is a children's whodunit for 9-11-year olds. It's
going to be with you for quite some time. I don't want to bore anyone and am therefore
grateful for reader opinions. Why not post a comment or click on the :D and :( icons?
Thank you!

1.) Today I picked up my cousin, Chris, from the
heliport. While we were waiting for Mike, we had a strange (and painful
encounter with a peculiar couple.

If you had the choice to either spend your holidays with your best friend in St. Tropez,
France, or with your grandmother in the Isles of Scilly, it wouldn't be very hard for you to

Chris had long made up his mind. Unfortunately, so had his parents. And that was why he
found himself aboard a helicopter heading for the undoubtedly most boring holiday he'd ever

The prospect of his first helicopter flight couldn't reconcile him with his unfair fate.

After the trip from Berne to Zurich, the flight to London and the five-hour train journey to
Penzance, Chris felt worn-out. Bored he stood in the queue facing the check-in desk and
watched the officials there search bag after bag.

"How strange," an elderly lady in front of him told her husband. "With all those flights to the
Scillies we've been taking, I don't remember ever having been checked so thoroughly."

"You're right, Ethel," he answered. "They even have a metal detector, look."

"Do you think this has to do with 9/11?"

"Don't know, but I doubt it. That was too long ago. Maybe it's because of the attacks in

"Yes, but we have flown to St. Mary's since, don't you remember? And they didn't have a
detector then."

Chris didn't care when the safety precautions had been tightened or why. He only wished he
could get this wait over with and board soon. Fortunately, the flight was not fully booked and
most passengers had already been checked. Finally it was his turn. When he had ot through,
Chris sat down on one of the plastic chairs in the tiny departure lounge, looked at his fellow
travellers and sighed.

There was the couple whose conversation he had just heard that seemed to make the trip so
often they were on familiar terms with the crew. A sixty-ish looking gentleman with a bald
patch on his head and a perfectly tailored suit was sitting near Chris, reading a newspaper.
Another couple with two pre-school children, holidaymakers no doubt, were just zipping up
their various bags after the control.

"Check my suitcases? Whatever for?" a woman's voice inquired.

Everybody turned their heads at the newcomer standing at the check-in desk. She was tall,
slim and her clothes were shouting Armani and Gucci. With her long, blond hair and pink
lipstick she reminded Chris of a Barbie doll. The collie by her side had the thickest and
longest fur Chris had ever seen.

"It's for your own safety, madam," an official explained.

"Oh, well, if it can't be helped," she sighed and handed the man her key ring. "Help yourself."

While the official was struggling to find out which key fitted into which lock of her bags, the
lady went on to the metal detector. There was a loud whistle as she led her dog through it.

To be continued...