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Run (part 3)

Just then a door opened a little way back from where I had stopped and Mr Davies came out, his Spaniel Jojo on the lead. That was the solution! Mr Davies was an IT consultant. Most days he worked from home but once a week he drove to his company's headquarters in Nottingham.

"Mr Davies, Mr Davies!" I cried after him, and he stopped and turned.

"Ah, Charley," he said. "Trying some new stunt?"

"Kind of. I saw you taking out Jojo and thought I could spare Mum a phone call. You are not
perhaps driving up to Nottingham tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? Friday?" he grunted. "Yes, I am. Why?"

"Well we've got a longer weekend. Some teachers' seminar. Mum and Dad have allowed me
to go and visit Kevin. Only, I have to pay for the ticket myself. I've got enough for a one-way
but …"

"Ah, I see," Mr Davies grinned. "Of course you can come with me. When I was your age, I
never had enough pocket money either. You say it's ok with your parents?"


Just then Mum came out looking for me and saw us talking.

She waved and called, "Evening Mr Davies. I hope he's not bothering you?"

"Not at all Mrs Miller," he called back. To me he said, "I'm leaving early. Five o'clock at my
door, ok?"

"Cool!" I said, exhaling again, and ran back to our house. Lucky me, Mum for once hadn't
asked for everybody to hear what I was doing there.

Before going to bed, I packed my backpack, scowled at the puny remainders of this week's
pocket money and texted Kevin.

If he was astonished to hear from me at such an hour he didn't say. His answer simply read,

Mr Davies was very kind, shouted me to a generous breakfast somewhere along the
motorway and, when I told him Kevin would meet me at the Tourist Information, dropped
me off right in the city centre. I almost got a bad conscience when I thought about the trouble
he'd get when my parents found out about him taking me to Nottingham. But it was too late.
(To be continued)