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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


What else has happened...

Writers' Summer School

In Derbyshire, England, there's a place like a fairytale: The Swanwick Writers' Summer School.

Some threehundred "Swanwickers" have been meeting every August for 63 years for a short week of courses, workshops and talks. From the pro with over 100 publications under their belt
to the beginner, they all enjoy talking for a few days about their passion (writing and language), listening to famous authors and learning.
I had the privilege to be able to lead a course - although it felt like anything but on that special morning. I was so nervous. But "A Beginners' Guide to Style" went down well with the thirty odd participants. And the fear, as a foreigner, to be teaching native speakers, soon evaporated.
This year's evening programme included talks by Iain M. Banks, Helen Cross, Prof. David Crystal and Peter James. Kate Moss had to cancel because of flooded motorways. Simon Hall, BBC-reporter and crime writer, was leading a four part course on crime writing.
After this year's sixth Swanwick, I feel I've become a real Swanwicker and am already looking forward to next August.
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Pictures taken by Michael and Graham. With many thanks.