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What else has happened...

It was a busy week.

On Wednesday, I gave a talk about "How is a Book Produced?" at the school in Lengnau. The class I had this time asked fewer questions than the last one but they were just as lively and astute. I can't help wondering at the interesting questions the kids often ask.
"How is a Book Produced?"
You might remember that for the whole of this season, the BSV members' "Castle Stories" were exhibited at Oberhofen Castle by the Lake of Thun (Blog post dating 14.06.2014). Yesterday, we celebrated the end of season with a marathon reading of 21 of the exhibited 26 stories.
Showcase at the Castle Library
Oberhofen Castle went to great lengths

Was sonst los war...

Diese Woche hatte es in sich.
Am Mittwoch durfte ich an der Schule Lengnau einen Kurzvortrag "Wie entsteht ein Buch?" halten. Diese Klasse fragte zwar weniger als die letzte, war aber auch äusserst begeisterungsfähig. Ich staune immer wieder, was für interessante Fragen die Kinder stellen.
"Wie entsteht ein Buch?"

Wie hier zu lesen war (Post vom 09.06.2014), wurden die ganze Saison im Schloss Oberhofen am Thunersee die Schlossgeschichten der BSV Mitglieder ausgestellt. Gestern verabschiedeten wir die Ausstellung mit einer Marathonlesung von 21 der ausgestellten 26 Geschichten.
Mein Satz aus "Die Dame in Schwarz"
Schloss Oberhofen verlieh den Geschichten


Serena and the Knights of St. John (Part 9)

Each day, when both of them had finished their duties, Serena and Jerome met near a watchtower, where they had a ravishing view of the Grand Harbour. They spoke about their day and their dreams – and also about the Ottoman attack everybody knew was imminent.

"Guess what, Serena," Jerome shouted as soon as he saw her one evening. Serena could see something important must have happened. Jerome wasn't able to sit down or even stand quietly. He took both her hands and pulled her to her feet.

"I've been appointed to serve the Grandmaster himself!"

"Oh," was everything Serena was able to answer.

"Aren't you happy for me?"

"Of course I am," she hurried to answer, "but won't that service take up more of your time. Will we still be able to meet?"

Jerome laughed. "Do you honestly think I'd let anything stop me from doing that?"
(To be continued)


What else has happened...

Upcoming Events

"Lüthy, Balmer und Stocker" Nidaugasse, Biel branch
After the invitation to lead another workshop at the "Holiday Pass" in Lengnau, a few more interesting events are coming up.

The workshop "Cinema in Your Head – Story Writing" I was able to lead in Lengnau was fully booked but for one place. It was an absolute joy to be allowed to work with the young authors to be. As opposed to last year's crime writing workshop, we kept the brief more general this time. We talked, for example, about the 5 senses and how to put their impressions on paper. That took us, among other things, onto an eerie walk through an imaginary forest.

One event I'm particularly looking forward to will take place on Wednesday, 17.12.2014 from 15h onwards at the Lüthy and Stocker bookshop, Nidaugasse in Biel. Not only was I treated very considerately when I went to ask if they'd be interested in stocking a few copies of THE VENETIAN PEARLS, and allowed to leave 5 in commission. The man responsible for the English books also asked