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Ich entschuldige mich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.


Was sonst los war...

Am 26. November wurde in Bern der Schweizerische Kinder- undJugendmedienpreis 2017 des SIKJM vergeben. Fünf hervorragende Bücher und ein Theaterstück waren nominiert. Der Jury fiel die Wahl dieses Jahr schwer, wie sowohl Isabelle Chassot, Direktorin Bundesamt für Kultur, in ihrer Begrüssungsrede, wie auch Christine Lötscher, die den Anlass moderierte, festhielten.
v.l. Christine Lötscher, Kathrin Schärer und Lorenz Pauli
"Rigo und Rosa" von Lorenz Pauli und Kathrin Schärer überzeugten schliesslich die Jury. Ihre Geschichte dreht sich um die Freundschaft zwischen dem alternden Zooleoparden und der energiegeladenen Maus.


What else has happened...

Every two years, ABRAXAS Children's Book Festival takes place in Zoug, Central Switzerland. Story lovers will meet at and around the "Burgbachhalle" for readings and art workshops at the first weekend in November. 

Another integrated part is the presentation of the "Baarer Rabe" winner. That children's and YA prize offered by the city of Baar for a new writer, is then read and played by school children.

The prize giving for the "Baarer Rabe" (Raven of Baar) took place on 30 October. I'd been able to sit on the jury as a representative of AUTILLUS. To see the winning story by Annette Lory played out was an interesting experience. Unfortunately, I had to leave soon to catch a train, and so missed the lavish buffet at the end. 
l t r: Sandra Berger, me, Alice Gabathuler, Kerstin Kubalek and daughter
AUTILLUS had a stall at ABRAXAS festival again this year. Under the direction of Alice Gabathuler (with the aid of Daniele Meocci and Jacqueline Kauer on Saturday, and Sandra Berger, Andrea Ringli and myself on Sunday) we tried to acquaint the visitors with the aims of AUTILLUS. We also presented the new releases 2016/17 the members had sent us as well as well as all the members' portraits. 

Admittedly, our task also entailed reminding passing visitors not to put their coffee and juice cups on the book table.


Was sonst los war...

Alle zwei Jahre findet in Zug das ABRAXAS Kinder- und Jugendbuchfestival statt. Immer am ersten November Wochenende treffen sich Geschichtenliebhaber in der und um die Burgbachhalle, besuchen Lesungen oder Zeichenateliers. Ein weiterer fester Bestandteil ist die Szenische Lesung der jeweiligen Siegergeschichte des Baarer Raben – dem Kinder- und Jugendliteratur Förderpreis organisiert von der Stadt Baar.

Die Preisverleihung für den Baarer Raben fand am 30. Oktober statt. Als Vertreterin von AUTILLUS dufte ich in der Jury mitwirken. Die Siegergeschichte von


What else has happened...

On Wednesday, 25 October, I hit the road for Erlenbach in the Simmen Valley (Bernese Mountains). The Stockhorn Gondolas will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2018. Reason enough for a teacher to create a short story collection with his 4th and 5th graders, set around mount Stockhorn. 
Church Erlenbach

He found me via the education and culture platform of the Canton of Berne. "What a great project," I thought at once and accepted his offer. That Wednesday, it was my task to teach the children some story writing basics. Apart from that, I was to "kindle" their fantasy. 
(My school way was never so beautiful)
Especially the last part proved to be a piece of cake. The class participated enthusiastically. The two hours passed so quickly, we even forgot the break in between the two lessons. To compensate, we finished a little earlier. 

The first "first drafts" are due to arrive in about a month. So far, the kids have planned to write one thriller, four whodunits and one adventure story. I was already able to meet their model heroes, and am now eager to read their stories. It's gonna be great!