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Serena und die Johanniter (Teil 7)

"Sie ist die einzige Überlebende eines Schiffsunglücks. Ein Handelsschiff. Der Kapitän sprengte es in die Luft, um die Flucht eines Boten auf dem Weg zu Sultan Suleiman zu decken. Sie ist Malteserin, hat aber ihr Heimatland noch nie gesehen. Ihre Mutter wurde vom Piraten Dragut in die Sklaverei verschleppt."

"Lobet den Herrn!", schrie jemand in der Menge und schob sich nach vorne.

Einige der anderen Zuschauer nickten und bekreuzigten sich.

"Lobet den Herrn", rief der Mann erneut. Er trug blaue Pluderhosen, einen langen, braunen Überwurf und einen dunkelroten Turban.

"Das ist Paul", flüsterte Jerome Serena ins Ohr. "Er kam vor Jahren hierher. Die Leute sagen,


What else has happened...


What a week.

In its 66th year, the Swanwick Writers' Summer School once more boasted a fabulous programme. There were courses like poetry, led by Matt Black, TV-Screenwriting with Angela Churm, Children's/YA Fiction with Steve Hartley and Interest the Media and Crime Writing with Simon Hall (to name but a few). Apart from that, there was a huge choice of workshops and courses covering almost every topic a writer could wish for from Solving Plot Problems with Kate McCormick – who introduced us to various kinds of brainstorming and mind charts – to Let's Tweet with me.

There were far too many participants in my Twitter course. I had reckoned with about 20. The room allotted to me was barely able to accommodate the almost 50 who turned up. Based on that, Kate McCormick and I sketched out a different concept, which we hope to put into practice in either 2015 or 2016. Let's see what the analysis of the feedback forms will show.

It was a very special Swanwick for me. On the first evening, I received the trophy for


Was sonst los war...


Was für eine Woche.
Das 66. Jahr der "Swanwick Writers' Summer School" bot wieder ein unschlagbares Programm. Da gab es "Poetry" geleitet von Matt Black, "TV – Screenwriting" mit Angela Churm, "Children's/YA Fiction" mit Steve Hartley und "Interest the Media" und "Crime Writing" mit Simon Hall.
Daneben eine riesige Auswahl an weiteren Workshops und Kursen zu fast jedem Thema, das sich ein Autor wünschen kann von "Solving Plot Problems" mit Kate McCormick – die uns


Serena and the Knights of St. John (Part 6)

Grand Harbour, Malta, early March 1565

As soon as the galley had anchored, the Knight Captain sent a message to the Grandmaster that important news was on the way. Later, when they went to the palace, many onlookers welcomed the knights home.
Soon, questions were flying from head to head. Who was that girl walking with the men? How did she come here? Was she a gift for the Grandmaster, a princess, a Messenger?
Serena had to wait with the others in front of the Grandmaster's Palace. Only the Knight Captain entered. She was glad that Jerome was by her side. The locals eyed her with curiosity.
She caught a few rumours about her that were already making the rounds. Serena would have had to laugh had she not felt so self-conscious.